Inconsistent data from different servers


I am trying to create a system to receive trc packets.

I am starting the trace by doing a POST against:<device_id>/snd
with the formdata:

"access_token", "<access_token>",
"args", "1"

if the result of this contains "return_value":1, I then receive the trc by running a GET against:<device_id>/trc?access_token=<access_token>

This works fine on my development machine, running the production docker image. It gives a result ala:

{"cmd":"VarReturn","name":"trc","result":"19:46:25, 10069,   20.5C,  -88dBm 3.64V 20t    ","device":"<device_id>","body":{"device":"<device_id>","msg":{"cmd":"GetVar","name":"trc"}},"coreInfo":{"name":"<device_name>","last_heard":"2023-10-12T19:46:14.878Z","connected":true,"last_handshake_at":"2023-10-11T09:06:16.962Z","deviceID":"<device_id>","product_id":<product_id>}}

However, running this from production, the "return_value" keeps being 0 (ie:
{"id":"<device_id>","name":"<device_name>","connected":true,"return_value":0}), only occasionally (~every 5 minutes or so) it is 1 and I can receive the data.
If I try running the /trc url without the return_value being 1, I get an error that the trc field is unknown.

It is the exact same code (same docker image), just running from a production server instead of on my local machine.

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