IMU shield to Photon--but no output?-using wifi?


I have got my photon hooked up to an IMU shield and looking to print out accelerometer data.

I have tried using the code from the example here:

I added the library and clicked flash, it said it worked and the photon blinked magenta too! Then it just said ready…

not sure where to go from there as there was no actual output?!

Any help is much appreciated! thank you :smile:

You need to check the serial output, with the Photon connected to your computer via USB cable. With particle-cli, you can do: particle serial monitor. Or you can use a regular terminal program set to 115200 baud.

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Wow!!! That worked!!

Thank you so much!!

Any ideas about how to do using wifi, so I wouldn’t need to have the device actually plugged in?

Try checking the docs for Particle.variable() and/or Particle.publish(). TCP/IP or UDP are also possible. Then there are webhooks, and direct http requests as well.
Should be plenty of choice, just depends on what you want to do with it and how comfortable you are with the coding.