Improving the error output of cloud compile

This is just a wild hair, but the build interface is pretty unforgiving to small errors in header files, particularly dumb stuff like forgetting a semicolon

class name {};
             ^ here

at the end of a file. You end up with a torrent of errors that have nothing to do with the actual error. I’ve gotten used to this so I usually know what to look for but it sure is a wild ride when you don’t know what you’re looking at!

Is it possible to run some sort of syntax validator on the files individually to look for goofy things like that before turning it over to get destroyed by GCC? Just thinking there may be something already out there that could be run as a pre-process without having to build one?

the build interface is pretty unforgiving

have you tried Particle Workbench? it enables full intellisense support for your app and the Device OS. that brings along some basic linting / error checking - for example:

if you haven’t already seen them, we have a bunch of docs and walk-thru videos:

in particular, you might want to check out:

Migration Guide:

Getting Started with Particle Workbench:

Building Firmware Locally with Particle Workbench:

VSCode’s Errors & Warnings:

hope it helps :+1:

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Thanks @m_m, this isn’t an issue I’m having at the moment. I’m currently using a combination of Atom and a build VM which I set up a couple of years ago to isolate the build system from my dev computer.

This is just more a general thought, idea, or suggestion; I know the cryptic output of GCC has been discussed here before.