Implement the particle photon in my site

I purchased the particle photon and played around with it. I used its web ide and loved the functionality. I am interested to learn more about its web ide and functionality. I am pretty new to web development and I would like to learn how it works so I will be able to design similar UI for my site. Can I implement the similar web ide or pull of the data from particle site to my new site? If so, which way will be the easiest?
Thank you for the help!

Welcome to the Particle Community.

The web IDE is for development of device applications, i.e. that run on the Photon and not in the web. If you want to see what a device is doing (its interaction with the Particle Cloud) then you will want to look at the Console.

There is no substitute for reading the documentation and trying some of the tutorials to get to understand what the components do. In essence, you have a device like a Photon which is connected to the internet and can send messages (Publish) to the Cloud and receive messages (Subscribe). You can also define variables that are made available to the Cloud, Lastly, you can call a function (Remote Procedure Call) on the Photon and return a code to say whether it was received and performed. The Cloud has an API which allows your web site to publish, subscribe, get variables and call functions. Webhooks are a common method for websites to interact with devices.

Have a look at this:

(need some updating from ‘spark’ to ‘particle’, but relevant nonetheless)