IFTTT soil moisture sensor

I am currently trying to build a basic soil moisture sensor that will trigger IFTTT to alert me when the soil gets to a certain level of dryness. I’v got a variable resistor linked up to an LED and I managed to get it working via arduino.

Now the main challenge I’m facing is to alert me straight away, then another alert an hour later, then a final alert the next day.

Any help would be much appreciate!


Hi @robbye91

You can use Particle.publish to send an event notification to the Particle server. Then you can set IFTTT to monitor for that event and check its value. I would only publish the event when the notification to you should be triggered from IFTTT. I have a setup working for this that monitors dry contact inputs on one of our products and it works quite well. If you have any questions let me know.

This is a guide I put together showing how to set IFTTT to monitor events sent from our digital inputs:

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