IFTTT integration using two legged authentication


Hi @mohitagnihotri,

Good question! Sorry about the delay on that, I passed your message onto the team and hopefully they’ll respond here sometime early next week.



Hi @mohitagnihotri!

The two ways a :particle: powered product could use IFTTT right now are:

  1. Use 3-legged, “Login with Particle” OAuth to allow the end customer to set up IFTTT using the Particle channel, or
  2. As a product creator you get your own IFTTT channel and use 2-legged auth with Particle white-labeled behind the scenes.

The feature @dave was talking about is not released or documented yet. We don’t want to circumvent IFTTT’s business model as they’re a valued partner, but if we can provide a way to use your own IFTTT channel with Particle’s servers so you don’t have to deploy and maintain your own server for IFTTT, we think product creators would find that super exciting and valuable.

Make sense?



Hi @zachary!

Thank you for prompt response.

Now, I can understand the scenario. I used two-legged authentication and for IFTTT channel, point 2 make sense for me. Perhaps, it would be great.




How did you get on here? Did you end up creating your own IFTTT channel?