Three-legged OAuth docs

I’m building a simple integration with Blockly, that will allow people to write code in Blockly, then push it to their Particle device. As such, I need three-legged OAuth (“Login with Particle”) support. It seems this is supported, but not documented - the guide says “coming soon”, and the docs only cover creating a client, not where to send users to start the OAuth flow.

Can someone on the Particle team point me to more complete docs, or offer some basic pointers on getting this set up?

For anyone following along at home, I got this working without docs. The OAuth authentication URL is, and the token URL is The flow is standard OAuth2 three-legged auth, after which you can make OAuth-authenticated requests to any of the API endpoints as your authenticated user.

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@nickjohnson: With your help, I’ve just posted an (unofficial, of course) step-by-step guide on how to implement a Three-Legged OAuth client here:


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Thanks for putting that together - much more thorough than I was! I’m glad my small amount of investigation came in handy for others.

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