IFTTT function trigger - need to change the function name

I have a function on my core that maintains a static counter. When it’s called it increments the counter, publishes an event with the counter in it, and then returns the counter value.

int lastGTrip(String data)
  static int counter;
  String msg = String(counter);
  sparkPublish("lastGTrip", msg , 5);

  return counter;

I created a Recipe on IFTTT to test this function and then send me an SMS message when the return value = 4. Hopefully after each restart of the core I would receive one, and only one, SMS.

I started it up and monitored my core with the Dashboard. Some things I learned…

  1. If you turn the Recipe off or delete the Recipe, the PCloud keeps calling your function.

  2. When you turn the Recipe back on you will get the most recent value, not all the values that went by while your Recipe was off.

  3. It is a very bad idea to change your Recipe. You should delete it and create a new one. I found that IFTTT - PCloud behaved unpredictably in some cases. For instance, I changed my Recipe to trigger on the value 8. I then started getting SMS messages when the returned value was 4 and 8. One time I restarted my core and got an SMS message when the return value was 1 - which was an early iteration of my experimenting. I now change the published function name often and these weird things stopped.
    Lesson: When testing, change your function name often.

  4. Sometimes I would have Recipes running. I’d power cycle my core and the PCloud would immediately call my core function several times in a row. Changing my published function name fixed that.

  5. I had two Recipes running. One to SMS me when the return value was 6 and a second Recipe to SMS me when the value was 8. I did not get an SMS when the value returned was 6 (I can see this in the Particle Dashboard). When the value returned was 8 I got two SMS messages. One from each rule, each had the returned value as 8.
    Lesson: Do NOT have more than one rule monitoring the same function.

Hope this helps others.