Too many texts upon trigger

I am trying to get IFTT to send me a SMS when our boiler temp drops below a threshold. The problem is I get a text a minute rather that just one. I ave put in a delay so it pauses for 15 minutes but it still triggers thanks steve

Can you show us some code? Hard to troubleshoot without it.



It might have to do with how IFTTT checks things. If they check once a minute, and the value is still below a certain threshold, the condition is true, and will therefor trigger the action.
But some code would definitely help :wink:

It is a very simple code

int reading = 0;
double volts = 0.0;
double temp = 0.0;

double BoilerTemp = 0.0;
int analogPin = A0;

void setup() {
    Spark.variable("analog", &reading, INT);
    Spark.variable("volts", &volts, DOUBLE);
    Spark.variable("BoilerTemp" , &BoilerTemp, DOUBLE);

void loop() {
  reading = analogRead(analogPin);
  volts = reading * 3.3 / 4096.0;
  temp = (volts-.5)*100;
  BoilerTemp = (temp * 1.8) + 39;

Thanks for your help


I’d guess it’s more related to your IFTTT recipe than to your code.
You don’t push data to the cloud, so your delay does not realy make a difference.
Whenever your recipe asks for the data it will handed them and if your set condition is satisfied it will trigger.
So you might need to look at your recipe and find a way to either run it less often or a way to reset the variables after your recipe has used them.

Hi @murmsk,

It looks like you’ve replied from two different accounts in the same thread again, which causes the forums to think you’re posting too much in the thread.

Try using the Event triggers in IFTTT, they’ll only trigger when you publish an event from your device, and you can control the frequency there.


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