Identifying device type

When you interface a product with a 3rd party IoT hub like Ubidots or Losant, you can configure these services to automatically create a dashboard and “device” as soon as they send some data, you can then locate the requisite dashboard if you know its ID.
Is there anything about a Particle ID that would enable me to establish if that device is a Photon or an Electron. Our product will have two main variants powered either by a Photon or Electron and amongst the bits of data we are collating is some basic info on the signal quality, IP etc. It would be nice to be able to assign appropriate dashboards according to the device in question if I could establish what it was easily.

[I have an idea Losant may let me do it another way but Ubidots is 100% tied to the ID…]

Can’t you just include an identifier digit in your particle publish event and have Losant trigger the correct dashboard based on that identifier number?

@BrandonCannaday May be able to help.

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Yes I think I can do that with Losant, from the brief play I have had at that section of setup. But Ubidots doesn’t seem to and currently that is where we are. Losant remains a powerful plaything and potential alternative if what is requested and what is possible become insurmountable/ costly & bespoke.

Nope, there is no correlation between device ID and Platform_ID. You’d need to with something down @RWB’s line.