Ideas for a water sensor and power utility

Dear team,

I hope you find it well and safe, I am writing you for some ideas / recommendations. I have an Electron device and I would like to achieve two goals:

1.- Report blackouts. (When connected to DC and the power goes out, you can post the change)
2.- Report the water level in the building’s water tank with an ultrasonic sensor (I had a pair [Maxbotix 7052 Ultrasonic Sensor] (

I am a developer but I am new to this area, the suggestion I am looking for is to solve the power supply using a solar panel, feather and battery so as not to run out of power on the Electron device. Can you advise me on what equipment should I buy?

1.What model of solar panel and watts are needed?
2.LIPO Battery, can I use a 5000Mah?
3. Feather or MPTT
4.Cables? Enclosure

I will appreciate your ideas


Hi @karimg75 -

Have a look at a project I have done, it might het you started:


Just considering it briefly, in order to report the blackout you would need to be able to determine whether or not the power you are monitoring are indeed on/off. An easy way of doing this is by running the power through a current sensor as per this project. If you detect Volt, then power is on.

You would not need the control, so that can be ignored. If you are running power through your monitoring unit, you can also eliminate the solar panel. You can have a 2200mAh Lipo that is constantly being charged and will only be used during there blackout. My project does not include a battery, but it is easy enough to implement. In my case, the dashboard will alert the client when then device goes offline.

Lastly, it has two inputs for analog sensors that in you case can be used with the Ultrasonic sensor to determine the water level.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions!!
Regards, Friedl.