IDE says local flash was successful, but the tracker board still runs the old code


I am having issue with uploading the new code on the tracker board. I tried to putting it into dfu mode manually and then flashing the code but it still runs the old code. When i open the serial monitor, i see data that is given by the old code not the new one. I use the VS IDE and it says the local flash was successful. But the new code is not uploaded. I was wondering if anyone had this issue and could help me out.

Did you mark the device as a development device in your Tracker product?

By default, all Trackers are in a product, and as soon as a product device comes online, if it’s not running the current product release assigned to it, that version will be flashed to it automatically. It can happen very quickly. Marking a device as a development device means you will be managing the firmware locally, such a by flashing over USB and the cloud should not overwrite it.