IBM Bluemix : Spark Core (chip antenna)

Dear Team. I would like to work with IBM cloud. Anybody connected Spark Core (chip antenna) with IBM Bluemix cloud?

I’m not exactly sure what IBM Bluemix does but it seems more like a software solution to me…

Don’t really see how Spark can connect and what it can do :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Kennethlimcp,

Please check this IBM link, It is having all the information about the devices which connect to the IBM Bluemix. We need to register for 30 day’s trail to work with IBM Bluemix. I will update if there are any updates regarding this.

Nice! But still, the Spark :cloud: provides similar features and more so I can’t convince myself to try it with the need to register an account + handle my own client connection to the IBM cloud etc.

Have fun. :smiley:

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Looks like it communicates via HTTP(s) push messages. Sure it can be connected but it will require expert knowledge of HTTP programming in spark.

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Try this tutorial