HTTPS calls from Spark Core

Since it is difficult to support HTTPS in Spark Core, is there any alternative to perform HTTPS calls from Cloud. From Core we call one Spark Could method and then the Cloud calls the HTTPS and send the response back to us. One of the use case is to send Push Notification using services like, Xtify, Pushover, etc… or sending sensor data to Xively, etc…

One such example is Electric Imp Agents. There are some alternatives like Pushing Box, but directly from Core is not there.

Any thoughts?

Hi @krvarma

This is a feature that the Spark team is working on and has been called “webhooks”. The idea is that since each core has a secure connection to the Spark cloud, that cloud can act as a proxy for other https transactions on the internet.

The team has been working on this but there are some pretty big security implications that need to be worked out. It is definitely on their radar.


Hi @krvarma,

@bko is right, we’re working on this. We’re doing testing webhooks now, and we’re working on something like agent support that I’m hoping we can release sometime this summer… :smile:


Good to hear Spark Core team working on this and hope it will be released soon. Thanks @bko and @Dave!