I2S Microphone SPH0645 with the Argon?

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Hi guys

Has anybody used an I2S Microphone SPH0645 with the Argon?

This microphone requires an I2S peripheral and won’t work with chips that don’t support it in hardware, I would like to know if it is possible to connect the argon with the microphone using the I2S peripheral.


As I’ve learned from our Technical Documentation Writer, one basically can’t use an I2S MEMS microphone with the nRF52:

Both the SPH0645 and ICS-43432 require a 64X BCK. In other words, 32 cycles of BCK for each phase of WS, to generate 24 bits of sample and 8 bits of padding. Except the nRF52 doesn’t support 32-bit mode, it can only use a 48X BCK when using 24-bit mode with no padding on the wire.


@marekparticle thanks for your prompt response, now I can understand why the Particle Web IDE shows an error related to the -I2S is not compatible with this board- specifically with nRF52.