I2S Audio Output on Gen3 Possible?

I have heard that I2S kind of works on the Gen3 devices.

All the Talk about I2S Audio on Gen3 devices has referred to microphones not speakers for audio output.

I’m adding an I2S 5w Amp to amplify Audio from an FM Radio receiver that outputs digital I2S audio so I’m curious if I could use the Talkie library to output audio generated via code over an I2S output on the Argon?

Is this even possible?

@rickkas7 @mohit or anybody else played with I2S audio on the Gen3 Devices?

As long as the output device supports 16, 32, or 24 bit samples with the rates that the hardware supports, it should work just fine.

I don’t have a code sample for I2S, but I know the nRF52 I2S driver works because I used it to implement DHT22Gen3_RK which reads DHT11/DHT22 sensors in hardware using the I2S driver so it’s not affected by interrupt latency.

Thanks for the clarification Rick.

Your referring to these bit sample numbers?

Looks to be all good if so, I think.

I meant this table. This is not exhaustive - there are other combinations. However it’s not possible to generate every sample frequency and width combination as some are not an even multiple.

So you’re talking about LRCK output rates of the Gen3 Device.

I think this shows it’s compatiable with most of these modes?

Not sure, I’m just now learning about I2S audio.

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