I2C not working with 0.8.0-rc.27?

I2C after i flash it’s not working anymore. It was working very good just before i flash nothing changed in the code

Flashed what? How?

Sorry for the lack of information. After Time trying to fiz the the code i have found. If I flash the xenon on firmware rc.27 with the #include particle.h the I2C stopped working but when i flash it without including the particle.h I2C started to work fine. I don’t know what was changed in the library since it was working before with including the headers.

How are you building (cloud or local)?
What IDE?
What is the file extension of your main project file?

If you are building a .ino based project you don’t need to #include <Particle.h> as that include would be added by the preprocessor automatically, but if you are including it anyway it won’t make any difference as it’s already there. So the difference in outcome must have some other cause.

Got some code to look at? (If Web IDE you can use SHARE THIS REVISION)

BTW, since this discussion starts to divert from the original topic I’ve split this part off into its own thread (from here: Gen 3 improvements update - 2/12/19)

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