Huginn + Spark?

has anyone used huggin?

its an open source self-hosted IFTTT alternative. for some reason, as i was reading up on it, all i could think of was how amazing it would be if there was Spark integration (i seem to be doing that a lot these days).

Im not a ruby on rails guy, so im probably not the best candidate to take a stab at this, but hopefully someone else seems the same potential!

here is a good little video walkthrough:


That does look amazing… I like the peak detectors :slight_smile: People that day trade would probably benefit from that big time.

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WOW! Looking fun…i have IFTTT for facebook to auto-archive photos which im tagged in and uploaded.

Really helps me to save time trying to save all those stuff :smiley:

How lovely if i can have this!

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After posting so many project in a short span, WHAT DO YOU SAY WHAT DO YOU SAY?!

Inspired by the new project post about but don’t want to rely on their service :smiley:

I hate Ruby. Not for the language itself, but the @#$! developers that use Ruby. I once tried to set up a Ruby project that used 2 different Ruby web servers. One for the main project itself and then one of the libraries used another one. Srsly?! That’s when I gave up on that ecosystem.

I do have a buddy who knows Ruby and manages to overlook the cess-pool ecosystem built up around it. I’ll ping him about it to see what he thinks.

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