HTTP error 413 - binary too big?

I am getting that when I “Compile in cloud and upload code using cloud.”

From developers console.

Compilation failed with unexpected reason: Error: HTTP error 413 from

This is the code

void setup() {
char* outStr = “LEDTest1.setup - 1.29.18 - 4:08 PM”;
Particle.publish( outStr );

void loop() { }

What the hell? I rebooted thinking it might be something with my machine.
I am doing this in Atom 1.19.0 x64
It working earlier today, totally confused.

Edit: My other projects work


So it looks like a some code in the lib folder is causing the problem, even when it is not included in the project.
I read where it bundles everything under the project up, but this was causing a silent error.
Now I have something to work with.

What is the limit, and how do I know when I have reached it?