HTML page suddenly won't work

I have 2 photons that I control from local web pages on my android phone. They have functioned smoothly for over a year including just last week. I access them primarily when I am traveling. I am traveling at the moment and now they dont seem to be working. Do the photons periodically change Auth codes? Is any one else having any issues? They are both still interfacing with IFTTT fine. Unfortunately, I dont have access to my laptop on this trip so I’m not able to check to see if any codes have changed. Thanks.

It depends how you generate the access token (you didn’t disclose :wink: )
If you used a specific access token chances are that it has reached its expiriy data.
You can create non-expiring access tokesn tho’.

Is your HTML using the old domain by any chance?


That’s probably it. I’ll read up on it. I’m honestly not experienced enough to tell you what kind I made. Thanks for the info.

Because of my location I dont have access to the HTML code to verify but I’m pretty sure I used everything particle and not spark. I’m willing to bet it’s the auth code expiration that is the problem but I wont be able to verify for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the input.

There’s always Android text editors which you should be able to use to take a look at the code on the road :wink: (I’m on iOS, so I just googled these)

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