How to use Programmer shield + GPS Shield to debug firmware


I just received my new asset tracker. I would like to debug the firmware locally and I see I need programmer shield but if I use programmer shield I can’t use GP shield. Is there way to use a programmer shield or other JTAG/SWD device that I can use with Electron when it is connected with GPS shield ?

The other question is, is there a tutorial to setup the firmware project with STM32 System Workbench IDE ?


This FAQ can help you get set up with Eclipse for source-level debugging firmware:

You’ll want to use a USB mini ST-LINK/V2 compatible SWD debugging stick. I got mine for US$15 from Amazon but you can get them even cheaper on Amazon or eBay now.

Thanks rickkas7. But will the debugging stick work with out breadboard ? I am not sure if I can connect electron board to the breadboard while its connected to the shield.