How to update firmware using USB serial

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How to update my device firmware to specific or newest version using serial (cmd), locally not flashing OTA?
using particle identify in listening mode, my device : Your system firmware version is 2.3.0 which is the default so how can i update it ?

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Not sure whether there is an additional option switch for particle update to select a specific device OS version.
However, there is this tool


Thanks a lot @ScruffR , i was struggling with 3 Borons that wont accept my code tell i found this and i downgrading from 5.0.0 to 4.0.0-alpha.2, even 3.3.0 wasn’t work for me.
perfect tools to use, much appreciated.

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The particle update command only updates to the latest LTS version, currently 2.3.0, and can’t upgrade to other versions.

Changing the target you are building for does not ever downgrade Device OS. The target firmware version is the minimum version that your firmware can run on, but usually can run on later versions as well, so Device OS is not ever downgraded.

The Device Restore DFU tool is the best choice for actually downgrading a device.

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