How to show picture on RGB Led Matrix Display?

Is there a library to show a pciture on my RGB led Matrix Display?

Or a extern tool that can convert a image to 64x32 pixel image with coordinates?

I buyed a 64x32 pixels RGB Led Matrix Display that i have a Particle Photon connected to and now i with the RGBmatrixPanel library i have show text and maked it show the time.

But have anyeone done something like taken a image convert it into the coordinates with colors you need and put the code in the photon to show it.

I have found some library fror Raspbbery pi todo it but not for arduino…

And can someone explain how to convert ex HEX color or RGB color to the matrix.setTextColor(matrix.Color333(1,1,7) funCtion ?

For color setting - it seems it has also 8-bit color method. So

matrix.Color888(r, g, b);

Where r, g and b are values from 0 to 255. If you have HTML hex color like #FFCC00, just split it to pairs: FF, CC and 00. And use with function above:

matrix.Color888(0xFF, 0xCC, 0x00);

Basically add 0x in front of whatever pair you have. This prefix means hexadecimal number, so you can use numbers as they are.

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Thanks for the color help!

Anyone has idea of take a picture and convert it to pixels?

This may help you. You need 24 bit color data output (3 x 8 bit). But have no experience with it, so you will need to experiment.

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