How to register a customer for a mesh-based product (Argon + Xenon)?


I am experimenting with the creation of a product (as in: ‘product in the Particle cloud IDE’) based on an Argon and Xenon device in a mesh network. However, I am confused on how to register a customer for that product.

In particular, I was following the guide at and got stuck where the customer needs to claim the device. I created a webapp (based on but I am supposed to get SoftAP pages running on the Argon when it’s in listening mode. However, I then stumbled upon this thread: SoftAP on Argon? which basically says there is no way the flow in that tutorial is going to work.

I don’t need to have a real customer registration flow at this time, but is there any way to register a ‘customer’ user for my Argon-based product so I can experiment with the product concept, just like I can with Photon-based products?

For the time being, I reverted to putting the ‘customer’ user as a team member :slight_smile:

edit: I guess, reading through this: Particle Device Setup Library & gen 3 devices , that it just does not exist yet?

Thanks for any info