How to re flashing the firmware and applying the patch

Can you make a step by step detailed instruction (video) how to re flashing the firmware and
applying the patch.
I’m not a computer genius, so I don’t understand most of the things people write on this
forum. But I can follow step by step instructions.
I have two core’s and one is working perfect. But the other disconnected, and now won’t
connect any more. after resetting the core and trying to connect again it won’t
go further then blinking green. It’s a chip antenna core.

@Arjen , you can do this with easily spark-cli in dfu mode.

So, did you installed dfu? and also spark-cli ?

If I look at I have no idea what to do.
I see I need Node.js dfu-until and openssl. But which dfu-until file there are more than 30 files there, probably everybody else knows what to do but not me.
I need a dummy version.

@Arjen, did you do a factory reset and then set the wifi credentials with the Spark IOS or Android app?

I did that many times, with both Spark IOS and the Ti app.

@Arjen, you say one core connects and the other does not. What have you done with each core to this point? When you say “applying the patch”, which one are you referring to?

In the forum they talk about a patch, that is one of the thing I want to know.
I did only some simple led blinking, a traffic light and reading a photo resistor. Just simple stuff.

@Arjen, the “patch” refers to a CC3000 firmware update and it will be released once they have the installation working 100%. It is being tested by the Elites and others as we speak.

As for the latest version of the core firmware (the good stuff!), any time you compile a program on the web IDE, it includes the latest firmware with your program. So re-compiling and flashing your programs onto your Cores essentially updates them to the latest firmware :smile: