How to parse a JSON using WebHooks Mustache parser

I’m using the particles webhooks integration to parse a json like this:

[ { "id": 7, "prid": 4, "time": "12:00 PM", "duration": "30", "quantity": "1.2", "repeat": "true" }, { "id": 8, "prid": 7, "time": "12:10 PM", "duration": "10", "quantity": "1.2", "repeat": "true" } ]

but each time my Readbear Duo tries to publish the event related to this parse it recieve a Unable to render template. The mustache response template that im trying to use is this one:

{{#.}} {{#}} {{id}}~ {{dispenserid}}~ {{time}}~ {{duration}}~ {{foodquantity}}~ {{repeat}}~ {{/}} {{/.}}

I’m new with Mustache and also tried a lot of suggestions on Internet but no one looks to work. I guess that the problem is that I’m trying to access fields inside each json of the array.