Use Mustache to iterate a root list

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I have a long JSON response and I want to use a mustache template to parse it. I’ve been using to verify my template. While it works at the demo site it does not work in the webhook response template. My template and JSON sample are below:


A sample of the JSON:

    "BillingInstallment": "SinglePayment", 
    "Description": "Basic Operation Woodshop", 
    "IsAutoPay": false, 
    "IsComped": false, 
    "IsIndividual": true, 
    "IsRecurring": false, 
    "IsUnlimited": false, 
    "NumberOfSessions": 1, 
    "PackageID": 15838970, 
    "PackageLengthQuantity": 0, 
    "PackageLengthTimeUnit": "Undefined", 
    "PackagePlanID": 195011, 
    "RecurrencePatternOccurrences": 0, 
    "RecurrencePatternQuantity": 0, 
    "RecurrencePatternUnit": "None", 
    "RenewAsPackagePlanID": 0, 
    "ReservationType": "Class Woodshop BOSS", 
    "ReservationTypeID": 190474
    "BillingInstallment": "None", 
    "Description": "Vinyl Cutter / Heat Press certified member", 
    "EndDate": "2019-11-20T00:00:00", 
    "IsAutoPay": false, 
    "IsComped": false, 
    "IsIndividual": false, 
    "IsRecurring": true, 
    "IsUnlimited": false, 
    "NumberOfSessions": 3, 
    "PackageID": 15838971, 
    "PackageLengthQuantity": 0, 
    "PackageLengthTimeUnit": "Undefined", 
    "PackagePlanID": 202351, 
    "RecurrencePatternOccurrences": 1, 
    "RecurrencePatternQuantity": 1, 
    "RecurrencePatternUnit": "Weekly", 
    "RenewAsPackagePlanID": 202351, 
    "RenewalDate": "2019-11-13T00:00:00", 
    "ReservationType": "EQ: Vinyl Cutter / Heat Press", 
    "ReservationTypeID": 198567, 
    "StartDate": "2019-11-14T00:00:00"

I hope to get

Class Woodshop BOSS|EQ: Vinyl Cutter / Heat Press|

If I reference a single element it works to get a single value, but not the . to iterate the list. This works


to return

Class Woodshop BOSS|

Any hints are appreciated.