How to mount Photon on Power Shield? [SOLVED]

How others have mounted Photon on power shield? The shield doesn’t have headers so have you soldered them on it?

I am a little bit scared of soldering (haven’t done it that much), so asking for some advice before doing anything that may break things :smile:

Hmm, when I got my Particle Power Shield it came with headers to solder yourself in the pack.
But even if they didn’t come with it, I’d get some and solder them in (unless you really want the two to be married for life ;-))

Strange. I never got any headers with the pack, just a headerless shield and a battery.

What kind of headers you got with the pack?

And thanks!

Two of these 12pin headers that can take the Photon and still allow for breadboarding or stacking with other shields

But if you ordered the headerless shield, it might be that they are not packaged.

You could always ask at hello [at] or via the contacts on the Support page if there should have been headers included.

Just checked my package: I did, indeed order a headerless shield.

And thanks! Will order some 12pin headers.