How to make your own web IDE?

How to make your own web IDE something like the picture:

how they make this:

Please help, i need it very much, sorry for the poor English, Thanks!

nice user name…

The web IDE is not open source… and I’m not sure if it ever will be.

Thanks for reply!
So do you have any idea to make one like the first pic?

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If you want to build an ide, I’d recommend starting with an open source project like ace.


Thanks for help, i will try it!

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If I had created an IDE, how can I upload the code to my core from the IDE using local closed wifi?

Your web IDE needs to be able to perform code compilation before using the Spark-protocol to flash code to the core via OTA :wink:

Hi, Kenneth thanks for reply! What if I just need to change some certain variables? Do I need to perform code compilation? And what is the Spark-protocol? Again, Thanks for helping me!

1.) As long as you are modifying the user code, you need to compile and flash it to your core.

It’s like the normal old-school way of programming a microcontroller using a board or via USB.

The only difference is using Wifi as the medium.

2.) Spark-protocol is used together with Spark-server to create a local :cloud: for users to run a version of the Spark :cloud:. You can find more information here:

Thanks again Kenneth!
Is it possible to do all things without a computer?
I mean run the Spark cloud on the phone?

I guess not since it’s written on nodejs but would be nice to see something like this in future :smiley:

Ok, maybe I will just forget about running spark cloud on phone.
Anyway, you helped me a lot, THANKS!!! :smiley: