How to find device URL?

A total novice question, I know, but I am setting up a webhook and need to know the URL of my device. Throughout the documentation, it is expected that I know it (“include your device URL here”). Did I throw away something with the packaging? Am I missing something obvious?


Uhm, I’m somehow missing the context.
Could you post the link you are refering to with the quote: “include your device URL here”?

When attempting to set up a new webhook, through the new integrations method in the console, it requests the device URL.


its requesting a url to send to, not the device url.

Hence my confusion - I can’t see any reference to “Device URL” on that page

Your (Particle) device usually hasn’t got a URL, unless you do explicitly set one up for it, e.g. via DynDNS and your router.

BTW, the Docs link on that page would also give you some clues how to use that :wink:

My mistake then, how do I find the site URL to put in here?


On the docs page you recommend, this is the statement:
"When this event is published, the webhook triggers a web request to a URL on the web."
where do I find this URL?


This url is one you need to setup , if you have a cloud provider or something they will have this url for you.

For example: I have a web server setup and push data from the photon into my own server, so the url I put in that box is something like

try looking here if you haven’t yet, this may help to understand that field.

What are you actually trying to do with that webhook?

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Hey–as an additional resource, we have some tutorials for creating webhooks in our documentation that walk you through the process step by step!

Here’s a link, in case you want to check them out: