How to Display the Temperature readings?

Then try the example. Change things, see what it does. Simply reading through won’t teach you much I’m afraid.


Thanks, Ill get back too you if I have any more questions.

Okay, I when ahead and read through an example then flashed it. Instead of Particle.publish in the code like I expected, it says Serial.print/Serial.println, where do I find the message?

If you want to publish, then change the code to do that.

If you want to look at serial output, you need to open a serial monitor (and the device needs to be connected to your computer via USB). How to do that depends on what system you’re using. Are you on Mac or PC?

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I’m on a Mac, so I don’t know the particulars, but it looks like a lot of PC users use PuTTY to monitor serial output.


Where do I get it?

I don’t know, as I said, I’m a Mac user. Google is your friend, try searching there.


I got it but I cant get it to work.

PC, is not enough.
What version Windows are you running?
Pre Win 10 you need to install the USB Serial drivers - I’ll point you to that section in the docs

And here are the drivers

If you have the drivers installed knowing your Device Manager will give you the COM port number you’ll find your device under.

I used “my friend” Google and got every thing working. :smile: now all I have to do is play around with the code and make it suite my purposes. I know where to go if I need something else. Thanks for all the help!


Is there a way to publish my readings to my phone?

You nailed it there :wink:

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Will it send to the particle app on the phone?

Yes, you can subscribe to publishes in the Particle app. Just select a device and then select Events.

what do I need to create my own app?

A bit of programming experience, and the willingness to Google some things yourself.
Making a native app isn’t the easiest thing to do, and gets harder depending on the platform you’re trying to cater to. If you haven’t got any experience, I’d recommend going with existing solutions like Blynk or Ubidots.


Ok thanks. One more question, how do I fix this?
/src/dht_example.cpp:145:29: error: no matching function for call to ‘CloudClass::publish(float&)’

By reading the docs closely, and following the examples given:

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The message says there is no function Particle.publish() that takes a float parameter.
The docs do state what’s possible - what’s not listed is most likely not possible.

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