How to Display the Temperature readings?


I am new to spark core,my application is to read 4 temperature values and to display the temperature values to the to program and to display the temperature readings,please help me out.

P.S how to store these values in cloud .

thank you,

You might find this post useful: Temperature monitoring with a thermistor, Azure and graphing

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Plotly also seems pretty popular. (

I flash the onboard LED using morse code. (And UDP broadcast.)

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That’s a cool way (the morse code)! Do you have a library for it? I was thinking about writing one

I suppose I should make it available as per the way provided. I need to work that out. But, pending that:


Ok, so I’m new. I am also trying to make a temperature-reading program. I am having trouble “translating” my volt/amp intake into actual Fahrenheit. I have the rest of it figured out. I need to find a library or something to help.

P.S. I am using the aosong 2302 sensor


This is the same as a DHT22, isn’t it?
If so, there are some libraries that do already give you Fahrenheit, but it’s not an analog reading but a digital protocol.

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Yes I have found out that much, the DHT22 is the same as aosong 2303.
I have found how to add libraries to my project with #include but I don’t know how to use them from there.


?? digital protocol ??
I’m new :grin: sorry bear with me
Thank you!

The libraries usually include an example .ino file that you should look at to see how to use the library. Both the PietteTech_DHT and Adafruit_DHT libraries have example code.

This sensor is a “smart” thing. It takes analog measurements and “translates” them into a digital stream of bits which then can be read on any digital pin as long you know what this stream of bits means (that’s a protocol). And this is where the mentioned libraries come in, since they spare you the need to understand the protocol, since they already do and give you high level access to the extracted data.

BTW, #include alone does not add the library to your project. You need to do that via the Library drawer (bookmark icon) and the INCLUDE IN PROJECT button.

I read through the PietteTech_DHT example, but I don’t understand.

Ok thanks for the explanation, but, how do I get the “translated” measurement into my code?

With the Piettech_DHT library you’d do something like that

  int result = DHT.acquireAndWait(); 
  if (result == DHTLIB_OK)
    tempAir = DHT.getFahrenheit();


Some minimal coding skills will be required to pull off any project here.
I’m afraid, but this is not a free online course for how to get started with programming from scratch.


Are those variables communicating with the library?

The keywords with the () are called functions provided/exposed by the library.
The words on the left side of the assignment or equality operators are variables.

Will that code work for me?

I’m not understanding, but I’m pretty good at variables and stuff. I just cant grasp how to use libraries.