How to detect proximity of specific devices (RSSI?)?


I’m new to spark and wondering if it is suitable for my next application. Coming from arduino, I have a set-up of several devices which can detect each others proximity via the RSSI of XBee Radios, and then run a specific function based on who is nearby. Now I want to move this online and expand it with an app. Spark seems like the perfect solution, as I should still be able to work with my arduino code + have easy wifi. Assumably I won’t be able to use the RSSI to detect the proximity of the other devices, or would I still need the XBee’s to do that and then send the signal to the Spark over serial?
I must mention that I did not develop the proximity detection code myself as this is way beyond my skills, I’m a designer, with some basic coding skills that gets me through some basic input - output stuff…

I’v had a search through the forum but unfortunately haven’t had my questions answered except that RSSI is available on Spark.

Greatly appreciate any response,

@raune, the RSSI available on the Spark indicates the signal strength to the wifi access point/router and not to other Sparks, unlike what zigbees do. So, each core can know its “distance” to the router but not to each other so you would still need the zigbees for doing that. :smile:


I’m a day-job web developer who only knows enough to ask stupid questions. Welcome!


Thanks for clarifying that, peekay123. Will go for the combo :slight_smile: