Monitoring WIFI and extracting information possible?


I’m investigating ways how I could replace my current Raspberry PI setup. And Spark looks like an awesome option, but I don’t understand it enought (yet). Let me explain the situation:

Currently I’m working on a ‘smart home project for the elderly’ for my school. I’m using a raspberry PI kissmet and nodeJS I can achieve what I need, only it’s overkill.
Basically, I’m monitoring WIFI connections with kissmet that writes to a log file, with nodeJS I monitor this file and when this file changes it sends this data to my database. I was wondering if Spark could replace this existing setup.

What I would need in an ideal situation is:

  1. Someone connects to Spark first time (no actions are needed) with mobile phone;
  2. When someone returns, phone automatically reconnects to Spark. Spark produces some information about this connection (MAC adress or name of device) and forwards this information to an external database.

Is this something Spark could do?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My understanding is that the Spark core is under to perform a “peer to peer” connection between itself and a mobile phone.

Maybe having a spark core running on the same wifi network and detecting new devices connecting back through wifi?

Not sure if that’s what i understood from your use case :smiley:

Hi man thanks for replying :smile:

I will try to make myself a little bit more clear, the extra functionality I need is something a standard router cannot do. Therefore I need a ‘smart’ device (the Spark?) that can execute some custom logic.

The situation: A home has a wireless router connected to the internet. The Spark core is connected to this router. When someone with a phone is connecting to this Wifi network, I would like the Spark to register this, and send this data over the internet to a database.

The main idea is that based on a connecting phone to the Wifi network I can register if someone is in the house.

Does this make more sense?

Thanks :slight_smile:

In that case… We need to figure out if the core is able to discover devices on the same network :smiley:

That’s probably a better job for dd-wrt installed on a router

I can’t see any way for the core to detect what else is connected besides pinging them. I guess if you limit your dhcp pool to just a few addresses then it could be done

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