How to delete the code flashed in Photon

Hi There!
The Photon after going online start to breathing green, maybe the code currently flashed is blocking.
Pushing the setup button doesn’t work to enter en listening mode.
Power cycle the photon let it come online but although I am trying to flash a new trivial code, that is not possible because of the current code continue to block.
I mean the flash it is not successful and the led start to breathing green again.
How erase the loaded code in flash?
Thank you for any help.

Have you tried booting in safe mode?


As nrobinson2000 stated you can boot into safe mode following those steps. Maybe you can post your code here if you need us to look at what might be blocking the connection to the cloud?

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@nrobinson2000 @Drewmo

Thank you guys I fixed the issue booting in safe mode.

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Good to hear, don’t forget to mark nrobinson2000’s reply as the fix.

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Unrelated to the OP’s question, but how do I do this? I like to offer credit where I can. Thanks.

On your own topics there should be a checkbox icon near the like button.

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