How to connect another cloud platform (e.g. Aliyun) with Argon?


If I want to use Argon to connect to another cloud platform instead of Particle cloud, how can I do? Thanks!

Is it change the code in Device os? Could anyone tell me which file should be changed? Thanks!


Particle is an all-in-one IoT Platform - there is not much point IMHO in buying an Argon and then throwing away the OTA flash, the IDE, the console, the integrated Device OS, the cloud API…you may as well buy an ESPxxxx device and do that all yourself if you have the time.

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Replacing Particle cloud with another is a long process, but doable. I’m doing it myself. You do not need to replace DeviceOS or modify it. First, decide how you want to communicate with the cloud, then choose an appropriate library. For example, I use AWS IoT, so I use the MQTT-TLS library to communicate with AWS.

After you’ve sorted out cloud communication, you can work out your cloud service itself, such as dashboards, backend storage, processing, etc. You’ll also probably want to figure out how to do OTA updates yourself. I’ve posted sample code on the forum that demonstrates it. Good luck!

Let me try, thanks!

You’ll also need to use SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) to prevent the device from connecting to the Particle cloud. Plenty of examples around here of that.

Many thanks!