How to clear the filesystem of a Gen3 device?


I made a mistake and I have few invalid files on an Argon:

0000015182 [app] INFO: .
0000015182 [app] INFO: ..
0000015183 [app] INFO: sys
0000015185 [app] INFO:  .
0000015186 [app] INFO:  ..
0000015189 [app] INFO:  dct.bin 8391 bytes
0000015192 [app] INFO:  openthread.dat 16 bytes
0000015195 [app] INFO:  wifi_config.bin 169 bytes
0000015198 [app] INFO:  cache.dat 40 bytes
0000015201 [app] INFO:  eeprom.bin 4096 bytes
0000015204 [app] INFO:  fw_transfer 3676 bytes
0000015204 [app] INFO: usr
0000015206 [app] INFO:  .
0000015207 [app] INFO:  ..
0000015219 [app] INFO: u���� 0 bytes
0000015221 [app] INFO: u���� 0 bytes
0000015223 [app] INFO: e���� 0 bytes

The Argon boots fine, but I wonder if I can restore the file system to its original state.
I’ve tried the Device Restore, but it did not do it.
Is there any procedure or I should attempt a delete with the Filesystem commands?

PS: this happened after I read all the warnings issued here.

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