Access 4MB SPI flash

I am looking for a simple piece of code how to access the 4MB SPI flash. Can somebody help?

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@59985, accessing the external flash on Gen3 devices is not supported at this time. Numerous requests have been made to Particle already.

Using part of the external flash as a file system is coming to Gen 3 devices in 3.0.x. That’s not as far out as it sounds because 2.0.x is the LTS (long term support) release and that’s in feature freeze now and new features will go into 3.0.x.

It’s already available on the Tracker SoM, and documented here:

It is not possible to put code in the external SPI flash at this time.


Any idea how much of that 4MB of memory we will have access to on a Argon?

The file system on the Argon and Boron is 2 MB. The system uses a small amount of that for configuration data, but it’s mostly free now.

The file system is 4 MB on the Tracker SoM, but more of it is used by the Tracker Edge firmware for things like a local copy of the cloud-based configuration and automatic queueing of location publishes when offline.


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