Careless LittleFS Usage

Some careless coding in an attempt to utilize the 2MB of flash through LittleFS has caused an Argon of mine to be unflashable and also, the onboard EEPROM (which also uses LittleFS) does not respond to put and get commands. I believe that my wayward code created lots of files that completely filled up (or nearly full) all of the 2MB memory space.
Is there a way to “initialize” the 2MB of flash so I can restore the flashing and EEPROM functionality of my Argon? Do I need to use the unlink feature documented in the File System reference documentation?

Hi tommy_boy, maybe you can try to restore your device, this process erases all the data that you have on your device, you can consult the information about this process in the next link.

Maybe you can try with DFU Mode to restore your device.

Hi @ismaelSB and thank you for pointing me to that resource. I did manually flash the argon system and bootloader files in DFU mode. I also got tinker installed as well. However, immediately after I give the argon WiFi credentials either through the Particle android app or through the CLI, the device does not exit listening mode and the android app and the CLI become unresponsive. The android app jumps to the home page listing my other devices, and the CLI stops displaying prompts after these lines…

! PROTIP: Hold the MODE/SETUP button on your device until it blinks blue!
! PROTIP: Please make sure you are connected to the internet.

My guess is that I filled up the onboard flash too much using LittleFS, and there is no room to save new credentials. Besides the resource you pointed me to, are there any other tricks I can try to save my argon?