How to claim Core after Smart Config with TI app?[SOLVED]

I received my Spark Core today and tried to connect it. Unfortunately the Smart Config with the Spark app didn’t work. The Core kept flashing green. Then I tried Smart Config with the TI app, which worked. The Core is now breathing cyan. The next step would be to manually claim my Core. To do this I need to make a serial connection with the Core to identify the Core’s ID. The problem is that I can’t seem to make a serial connection with the Core. I tried PuTTY and CoolTerm. The documentation says that I will need a driver when running Windows. I use Windows 8.1, but Windows doesn’t ask for a driver when I plug in the Core. How do I install the Windows driver for the Core?

@BDub Posted a nice guide for this in the following thread:

After installing the driver, the Spark Core will show up as a COM port (when put in smart config mode - flashing blue)

Thanks Mohit, worked perfectly!

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