How to add credit card


I created a new account and transfer all my devices to the new account. But when I try to add a sim card, the following error appears.

And I found nowhere to add a credit card.


@ScruffR . @will

Please help. Thanks.

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@anderson916 –

Can you follow up with me at with the following information?

  • Current username
  • Old username
  • Are you adding devices/SIMs to a product or to your individual account?
  • If adding to a product, please provide your product name and ID
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Thanks for pinging these people to help! You can also ping me on future questions like this!


We’ve sorted this out over DM :slight_smile:

I got the same problem.
Maybe you could post an answer back here about where we can add the credit card?

@matsbla – right now there are 2 publicly available options for adding a credit card to your account:

  • Setting up a SIM card on, claiming it to your Particle account. You can then transfer the SIM into your product from the Console
  • Upgrading your product plan to a paid plan, which will ask for a CC

In the future, we hope to add support for more easily adding a CC to a product on the Console. If you are unable to do either of the two approaches above, reach out at and we can help you.



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