How Photon connects to the Particle Cloud

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I want to ask someone who can explain me steps which Photon needs to do to connect to Particle Cloud in more detail then it is on Particle webpages.

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In order to communicate with the Particle Cloud, the Photon opens a persistent TCP socket with the Spark Cloud using an encrypted version of CoAP through outgoing port 5683 on your network. CoAP stands for “Constrained Application Protocol”, and is basically a byte efficient version of HTTP for use in constrained environments, like on itty bitty hardware.

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Thank you very much @nrobinson2000 :blush:

After Photon is plugged and does all connecting steps to establish Wi-Fi connection. It sends TCP request using CoAP but how is it encrypted?

Can it be compromised by Man in the Middle attack or how is it secured against it?

What Photon sends in the request?

What Cloud replies?

PS: Know the search function. Topics, are usually problem solving oriented but I need to know the theoretical basis.

The CoAP connection is mutually RSA authenticated; the Photon knows the cloud server public key and the cloud knows the Photon’s RSA public key. After the RSA handshake they use a generated AES session key to encrypt the data on the connection.

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There are also questions focused on the theoretical side of things :wink:

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