Communicating with the Photon through Copper

Has anyone tried to access the Photon from a CoAP server? I installed Copper for Mozilla and I’m trying establish a connection to a Photon. This would be any CoAP server outside of the Particle environment. I assumed the answer would be lurking in firmware but I could be wrong. I’ve found Photon CoAP libraries. But I need help finding the correct information in order to locate a Photon on a CoAP server, that’s not associated with Particle. Thanks for any help

While Particle devices use CoAP, you can’t just point a device at a different server. The Photon, for example, uses CoAP over AES encrypted TCP. And the connection is authenticated using mutual RSA public-private key exchange.

You could start with the Particle system firmware and pull out everything that’s not supported by your server, but it would be a difficult task, as it’s not an intended use case and you’ll be digging deep into minimally documented system firmware.