How many SPI channels on E Series? (SPI Conflict)

Hi, the datasheet for the E Series says it has 2 SPI Channels but on the Pinout I see 3 (SPI, SPI1, SPI2). Is there a mistake on the datasheet or is there a reason for this discrepancy?

I am asking because we are having this SPI issue: We have an ESeries board with and SD card on SPI and a sensor on SPI2. This board works fine. Our newer board moved the SD card to SPI1 and still has the sensor on SPI2. This board no longer can detect the sensor on SPI2.

We know its not a connection issue because we can output the raw sensor values through Arduino. It must be an issue with our firmware but for this minimal change everything looks to be in order. Thanks for the help!

There are only two SPI interfaces but the secondary SPI interface can be mapped to two sets of pins (either SPI1 or SPI2).

However, you can have multiple devices on the same interface - you only need mutually exclusive CS pins.

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