How hard is to use Boron 3G with hologram sim + their cloud

I’m pretty noob and was wondering how difficult is to setup the 3g version of the Boron to use an hologram sim card and connect to hologram cloud? Is this something everyone is capabe to do? I look to the setup page ( boron seems a bit more complex/confusing to set up 3rd party sim than the electron.

thnaks to post your advice

As it happens there is a FAQ regarding 3rd party SIMs

Part of the additional complexity is due to the fact that the Boron features two SIMs. The default Particle SIM is embedded on the device and any 3rd party SIM would be placed in the nanoSIM holder, hence you’d need to tell the device which to use.
The other added complexity comes from the fact that you don’t normally only setup the cellular connection but also the mesh network at the same time.

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