How do you patch particle.cli to expose new firmware functions?

So kudos for the Particle team: I was able to grab the sources for the firmware, modify it to add a new function in the Cellular package, compile the binaries and flash my electron without bricking it, all in a few hours. That should tell you something! This is a great platform.

But now I’m stuck: I need to change the particle.cli compiler, so that it knows about the new firmware function. I downloaded particle.cli from github, but I can’t find the place I need to change or recompile, so that the ino compiler “knows” about my new function.

Any help or pointer would be appreciated.


The CLI doesn’t actually compile anything on its own, it just sends the files up to the cloud, where they get compiled, and receives back the .bin.
If you want to edit the system firmware, you’ll most likely have to compile locally.