How do I return a value to the console?

I’m having the Particle manipulate some raw data from a sensor, and I need that to be outputted on my computer screen. How would I do this? I’m rather new to this all. Thanks in advance.

Just use a terminal emulator like Putty, RealTerm, SecureCRT, and many other.

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Hey @hsingh

To output some values to the computer screen, you need to do two things:

On the Photon code --> use the “Serial” functions to output data through the micro usb or the TX-RX pins. Follow this guide for more info:

On the computer side --> If you’re on Windows, your best bet is to use Putty. Here’s another guide you can follow:

If you’re on Linux (Ubuntu), you can use “python miniterm” out “screen”.

Hope this helps!

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