How do i put a photon chip into safe mode using serial?

Dfu baudrate 28800
Listening mode baudrate 14400

Is there a baud rate i can set to put photon in safe mode?

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You can’t do it with just a baud rate, but you can do it by first putting the photon in listening mode with 28800, sending L over serial and then sending x over serial.

(L will put the photon in safe listening mode, and x will reboot the device into normal safe mode if I recall.)

Here’s the thread where I originally found this solution:

This newer thread also provides an option:

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You can also use USB Control Requests (e.g. via particle usb safe-mode) to make the device other things than just enter DFU or Listening Mode.

>particle usb --help
Control USB devices
Usage: particle usb <command>
Help:  particle help usb <command>

  list             List the devices connected to the host computer
  start-listening  Put a device into the listening mode
  stop-listening   Make a device exit the listening mode
  safe-mode        Put a device into the safe mode
  dfu              Put a device into the DFU mode
  reset            Reset a device
  configure        Update the system USB configuration