How can my photon detect that it's being pinged

I’d like to be able to communicate with my photon (on my home wifi) from my cell phone. So I installed the particle app. The ideal thing would be for me to post an event from the app on my phone and have my photon subscribe to that event. But I don’t see a way to post an event from the phone app.

What I do see is a way to ping my photon. So… is there a way my photon can detect and report that it’s been pinged?

Thanks for any tips.

Would be good to mention whether it’s an iOS phone or Android :wink:
With Android I know you can publish an event via this symbol in the top left corner of the EVENTS screen

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I’m sorry I failed to mention that it’s an Android. Thanks for the catch, and thanks for the tip! That looks like exactly what I need.

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