Can the phone app create a "my devices" event?

I have a very simple app I’m running on a Photon that subscribes to a cloud event. I initiate that event from my phone app, but I have to subscribe to ALL_DEVICES rather than MY_DEVICES. Is there a way for the phone app to be considered one of “my devices”?

Thanks very much for any tips.

You need to scope the outgoing event in the phone app as PRIVATE to be received by a MY_DEVICES subscriber.

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Well that seems obvious enough now that you say it. I’ll try it tomorrow when the wife’s not asleep. Thankfully, you seem to be adept with “special needs” customers.

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Not surprisingly, ScruffR had the solution. Thanks!

I feel like maybe I’m brain dead, but I can’t see any way to publish events at all in the iOS app. What the heck am I missing? I can see my devices and see events, but I don’t see how to publish them.


That makes two of us.

I don’t use iOS, but I’m betting it’s very similar to the Android app. With the Android app you want to select one of your devices to get to this screen. Then click on the up-arrow that my red arrow is pointed at.

That will take you to a screen that will let you input a device name, some data, and choose between public and private event.

Does your app look similar?

It looks very similar. Except for that icon you show. I’m thinking you simply can’t do this in the iOS app (yet?).

And before you ask, no, there’s nothing in that settings icon that’s useful, either.


This is why friends don’t let friends use Apple products. :smiley:
Sorry, but I couldn’t begin to guess why iOS and Android versions differ in this way. :frowning:

It’s pretty astounding, tbh. I’m having trouble believing there’s any technical reason why this doesn’t exist, but maybe?

It may be less of a technical reason than an Apple policy reason. I know they’re WAY more tight on what they let people and apps do. But that’s pure speculation on my part.

By the way, I think Apple hardware is great. But I never buy it because I don’t need Apple to become my rigid life operating system.

@raimis, can you chime in on this?
Is there really no publish-event-feature in the iOS app?

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Hmm, still no info on this?

I also think it would be a really useful feature if we could store some firmware builds on our phones and flash from the phone. Could make testing and then backing up if problems are encountered a lot easier.


@marekparticle, can you chime in?

Hi @ScruffR / @djb_rh - thanks for the tag!

This is not a feature currently available on the iOS app and it is not slated for development. I appreciate the issue report, however, as it helps us gauge the ways in which the Community feels this need.

Sorry for bringing it up, but why do the Particle apps for Android and iOS not have feature parity?

In iOS you cannot publish events and in Android you cannot (IIRC) setup WiFi of an Argon without also being logged in and being the owner of the device? The respective other app has that feature.

Not the best UX IMHO.

That’s not really something I can answer very easily; I’d have to defer to @Raimis.

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Hello everyone, there are no technical limitations preventing publish-event-feature from being implemented on iOS app AFAIK. The true reason behind disparity is simply the fact that some of these features started as side projects long time ago and they were never prioritized enough on ‘opposite’ app to see the daylight. Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to make such decisions at this point in time :slight_smile:

If you were to ask my personal opinion - I don’t think publish-event on iOS or setup-wifi on Android will be implemented anytime soon.

p.s. iOS only supports quick wifi setup for Photon, not Argon. Neither of the platforms will let you setup Argon (IIRC) unless you own the device.

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